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Hello World!

I’ve decided to start blogging regularly-ish again. Sorry about that.

I’ve cobbled together this shiny new website and will be fiddling with it over the coming weeks. There’ll be mailing lists and news and all sorts. It’s all about building the Turner brand and other such wanky concepts.

So, how’s the new book doing?

It’s selling and it’s been very well received. Thanks to everyone who’s bought it and left a nice review. In fact, have a look at this corking review from Rabid Readers. Not bad, huh? If that’s whetted your appetite, you can click on the link below and buy it from Amazon now.

Paper Cuts (How To Be Dead Book 2)

I mean, really, now. I’ve just checked and it’s currently sat at #19 in the Fantasy Horror chart. If you all go and buy it TODAY, maybe we can get to #1 and I can tell my wife all the grumpy stomping around the kitchen drinking coffee had some purpose.

If you’ve not read the first part, How To Be Dead, you can get that using the link below so you can understand what the hell is going on.

How To Be Dead

In other news, the very last Kickstarter rewards are going out this weekend. Then I can devote my time to grumpily stomping around the kitchen drinking coffee as I concentrate on the final part of the How To Be Dead series.


Paper Cuts Is In The Wild!

websitepapercutsHello! Well, my new novella Paper Cuts is now available to buy from Amazon here! If you haven’t bought a copy, I sincerely recommend that you do. But I would say that. I wrote the bloody thing.

The first part of the story ‘How To Be Dead’ is also available. You can get a copy of that over here.

If, after reading and enjoying them, you felt an urge to leave a review for them, I’d be very grateful.

A big thank you to everybody involved, whether you backed the Kickstarter project, downloaded the books or re-tweeted and shared links on the interweb. I couldn’t have done it without you.