Here We Go Again

Hello! I’m back!

If you’ve been here before, you might have noticed that I’ve tidied the place up a bit. That’s because I’ve decided to start blogging again. I’m not ready for the Youtubes or anything like that.  

I’ve grown up a bit since I last blogged regularly, so – now – as a mature husband and father of three children I thought I’d use this as a platform to write about music, films, TV, books rather than just a list of dick jokes*.  The stuff that stops me from just collapsing into a foetal position and weeping with exhaustion.

I also thought that I’d write about things that I’ve come across that make my life easier/make me more confused so – y’know – if you work in PR and want to send me free shit to write about, I’m open to suggestions.

There’ll still be books, though. There’ll be a new one soon. Honestly.

So, yeah. It’s a blog about being a grump middle-aged man written by a grumpy middle-aged man. The internet really needs another one of those.

You can subscribe using the button on the right hand side or like my Facebook page. Or even help yourself to a free book. No pressure.

*There’ll still be dick jokes. 

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